You Can Also

Oct 8th, 2017

What Is This?
Game developers get requests from family and friends to make games. They usually go like this:

"You should make a game where you go around and [insert idea here]. You can also [insert another idea here]. And you can also [insert another idea here]. Also..."

You get the idea. I thought it would be silly to try to make that game! Start with a blank slate: you can move a little guy around the screen. Then I'll continually add "you can also" ideas! Maybe he'll eventually be going on quests, driving cars, skydiving, delivering pizzas, and doing backflips! Should be fun :)

Email me at to let me know your "you can also" idea.

What's Wrong With It?
I lost interest almost immediately and only got one idea submission.

How Long Has This Taken? (so far)
A couple of hours

How Many Lines of Code? (so far / Excluding Phaser)

Where Did I Get The Assets?
Pixel Platformer Game Kit ($15) on Envato Market.
Top Down 2D Tileset ($13) on GameDev Market.

You Can Also:
... (nothing so far!)