Treasure Hunter

Nov 18th, 2017

What Is This?
Dig up hidden treasures on these tropical islands! Move your mouse to zero in on each treasure, then click to dig it up and break the chest open! Can you collect all 64 treasures?

How Long Did It Take?
Too long (more than a few weekends)! I kept trying out different mechanics and never found something I was totally happy with. As a result, this is more of a toy than a game :)

How Many Lines of Code? (Excluding Phaser)

Fun Stuff
Plasma Fractals are a simple and fun way to generate terrain! Learn about them here and here. I ended up using this implementation (love the license).

Where Did I Get The Assets?
Treasures: 256 Vector Game Items ($5) on Envato Market.
Music: I Like Jump Rope by Ozzed. Awesome free 8-bit/chiptune music!
Sounds: Made with sfxr.