Omg! Can't Wait!

May 27th, 2018

Omg! Can't Wait

What Is This?
Our friend kept telling us how many days he had until his Hawaii vacation. Everyday at lunch he'd say something like, "Guys... 74 days!". I thought it would be fun to make an app that does that for you, so that's what is :)

How Long Did It Take?
3-ish weeks

What Did I Learn
I used AWS for all of the backend logic (API Gateway, Lambda, and S3) and site hosting (S3, CloudFront, Route53, and Certificate Manager). Putting these pieces together is always a fun learning experience! I explored using DynamoDB, but ended up just using flat files in S3 because it was simpler and cheaper (if I did the math correctly).

Anything Missing?
There were supposed to be factoids with each message sent to users. Something along the lines of: "20 days remaining until Hawaii vacation! Did you know that 20 days is the gestation period for a mouse?!". Finding that content took a little too long so it never made the cut.